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Marketing Consultant & Fractional CMO

Nice to meet you. I’m Jenn.

I’m a small business and nonprofit marketing consultant, fractional CMO, and an award-winning creative services professional.

I love to help businesses and organizations find their competitive position in the marketplace and develop strategic content and marketing plans to increase their profitability.

What sets me apart from many other marketing professionals is my hands-on work experience in PR, graphic design, and marketing. Very few marketing professionals have the breadth and depth of knowledge that I have as a result of working in these three important areas related to marketing communications and branding.

If you would like to discuss your organization’s marketing challenges and how I can help, please reach out and schedule a consultation.


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Career Overview

M.S. Marketing | Award-Winning Creative Professional
Experienced marketing leadership to help you succeed!

My insatiable interest in marketing and communications has led me to pursue formal education and work experiences in most areas related to marketing. With more than 20 years in the industry, I have held in-house positions in marketing, communications, and creative services. In addition, I have worked with clients in many different types of businesses on a freelance basis.

I started my career in public relations, but quickly developed an interest in graphic design. After 7 years in PR, I returned to college to become a professional graphic designer, which led to working in creative services. Within a few years, I moved up to a Creative Director role at Visit Tucson.

Recognizing that my unique skill set in both written communication and visual communication was a perfect foundation for brand identity work, I shifted my career focus to marketing and branding, and I have spent the past decade working in that area. I also returned to school to earn a master’s degree in marketing from the University of Arizona Eller College of Management, while working full time as an executive director of branding and marketing. 

My passion is helping businesses and organizations increase their brand value through strategic identity work and marketing communications.

I can help you solve these

6 Common Marketing Challenges

Inconsistent Marketing Efforts

You’re not ready to hire a full-time marketing person, but you need help to stay in front of your prospective customers.

Undefined Target Customer

You aren’t sure who your target clients are or how to reach them.

Lackluster Email Marketing Results

You aren’t getting the open rates or engagement that you would like to see from your email marketing efforts.

Lack of Differentiation

Customers don’t understand how you are different from your competition.  

Inconsistent Branding

You need help building a brand identity, including visual elements and positioning.

No Marketing Plan

You know you need better marketing, but you’re not sure how to go about it.  

Why am I passionate about helping Small Businesses and Nonprofits succeed?

I care about people, and I want them to succeed. My last corporate gig was the catalyst for me deciding to pursue my dream of starting my own business. While I’m sure plenty of people have started their own businesses because they didn’t like their employer, that wasn’t my story. I loved the company that I worked for. I loved the people I worked with, and I believed that the company was doing important work in the world.

Unfortunately, only 5 months after I was hired to build the company’s first marketing department, the company was acquired by another organization. Selling was a financial decision. What made me really sad was that I could see where there had been marketing mistakes made over the years, and I believed those mistakes had a direct impact on revenues being lower than they should have been. I felt confident that if they had, had advice from an experienced marketing leader much earlier, the company might have had a very different trajectory.

I recognize that many nonprofits and small businesses can’t afford the salary of an experienced marketing director or CMO, but they still need access to that level of experience and knowledge in order to thrive. After the acquisition experience, I decided that I could be the one to provide guidance on systems, strategy, and the science behind marketing success to small businesses and nonprofits. I started my business to help people like you build your dream.


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