Environmentally Friendly Gift Cards

Gift Card Design
Design a promotion that shows your commitment to sustainability People love to give and receive gift cards, but once they are redeemed, all those one-time-use plastic cards turn into ugly environmental waste. Show customers you care about sustainability with recyclable gift cards. Nee
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Design Secrets for Sales and Marketing Professionals

Design Strategy for effective marketing materials
Design Secrets for Sales and Marketing Professionals Your job description may not mention design, but if you are a sales or marketing professional, there will be times when you need to put your best foot forward with a well designed piece. Whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation, print
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Direct Mail Part 3: Design

Direct Mail Graphic Design best practices
Direct Mail Part 3: Design for Maximum Impact When it comes to direct mail, design is an area where you can’t afford to skimp. A colorful, tactile, and interactive piece is hard to resist. Plus, a well-planned design will guide recipients to the information you want consumers to read.
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