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From Hearts to Charts: How Dating Can Teach You Marketing Success

Throughout my career, I have observed many similarities between marketing and dating. (Most likely because I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I met my prince!) Nevertheless, it’s my belief that if you can approach your first interactions with potential customers with the same level of thoughtfulness and interest you would give a new potential love interest, you’ll be much more likely to secure a successful long-term connection. In this post we’ll cover:

How is Marketing Like Dating?

Imagine going on a first date with a potential love interest. You want to make a good impression and secure a second date. Similarly, when you have an initial interaction with a prospective customer, you want to build a relationship that inspires them to seek you out again. Whether your communications are in person, on a website, or through a direct mail piece, the goal is the same: pique their interest so that they start to see your product or service as a potential solution to fulfill their heart’s desires.

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Get to Know Your Prospect

Just as you would take time to get to know the hopes, dreams, and frustrations of a love interest, take the time to deeply understand what your target customer needs related to your product or service category. You might find that there is no perfect solution in the marketplace that fulfills their wishes, and that could be your golden opportunity to develop something that does. Learn more about identifying your target audience.

Don’t Overshare on the First Date

TMI Alert: If you’ve ever thought, “I need to put all the information in this brochure/presentation/webpage so my prospect can find the things they are interested in,” you are probably guilty of oversharing.

Be strategic about what you communicate and when. The primary objective of your marketing communications is to connect the dots between what a prospect wants and desires and how your product or service can deliver on those wants and desires. Nothing else matters until you convince a prospect that you have the solution they are seeking.

Build Meaningful Connections

Building a meaningful relationship with someone involves actively listening to their needs and concerns, showing genuine care and empathy, and consistently being there for them. In the context of marketing, this can mean personalizing communication and offers, responding promptly to any inquiries or feedback, and going above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service.

Build Trust

Trust is essential in both romantic relationships and marketing. It is achieved by consistent demonstration of honesty and reliability. In marketing, this translates to credibility and transparency. Become a trusted brand by being transparent about products and services and following through on promises made to customers. Social proof such as customer testimonials and ratings can also help to build trust.

Communicate Consistently

We trust people who are consistent in their words and actions. Marketing success is found with frequent communications that adhere to the brand platform and the organization’s value proposition. There is a rule of thumb in advertising that a person must hear something six times before they will remember hearing it at all. Don’t get discouraged if your message doesn’t stick the first time. Be true to your value proposition and communicate regularly. Consistent messaging builds trust over time.
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Ask for a Second Date

If you want to see a prospective customer again, always make the ask. Use a call to action to invite the person to learn more, connect with you, schedule a meeting, or make a purchase—whatever is appropriate for your product or service and the customer journey. Make sure it is always clear what action you would like the prospect to take next, so you can take your relationship to the next level.

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