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Why Work with a Marketing Consultant

If you’re like many businesses and organizations with small budgets, hiring a marketing consultant gives you access to high-level expertise without the cost of hiring an experienced marketing leader. Salaries for highly experienced professionals are commonly $150,000+. While salaries vary regionally, in most parts of the country you should expect a minimum salary of $100,000 for an experienced marketing director and much more in many parts of the country.

A marketing consultant will assist you in creating and implementing the best possible strategies to reach your clients and customers, also known as your target audience. As experienced professionals, they can advise you on everything from communicating with your customers to articulating what messages various segment of your audience should hear based on their needs or wants.

A good marketing consultant will have extensive experience in the field as well as a broad knowledge base. You want to hire someone who can understand the different parts of your business and how you communicate with customers in order to provide you with a thorough view of the effectiveness of your current efforts and the opportunities that exist for you and your business. Please visit the marketing services page to see services offered.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Consultant

  1. Avoid common mistakes
  2. Build a strong foundation for your marketing efforts
  3. Understand how your competitors are positioning themselves and how you can stand out
  4. Build your website the right way with an SEO strategy and compelling copy
  5. Save money with a comprehensive strategy and ROI metrics

How Can a Small Business Benefit from a Marketing Consultant

Small business marketing consultants provide valuable expertise to businesses looking to grow their marketing reach and profitability. With a marketing consultant’s understanding of best practices and knowledge of industry trends, they can develop strategic marketing plans that capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace and ensure that resources are spent efficiently. Please visit the marketing consulting page to learn more about my background and how I can help you succeed.

Nonprofit Marketing Consultants

A nonprofit marketing consultant can help an organization focus their marketing efforts, develop marketing strategies, and reach larger audiences. They possess a thorough understanding of the marketing process, from start to finish, and are able to apply the most appropriate techniques to attract supporters for a cause. By working closely with key stakeholders and staying up to date on the current landscape of marketing best practices, a marketing consultant can ensure that a nonprofit is successful in increasing its visibility and awareness. With fresh perspectives, these experts can provide insights that help organizations promote fundraisers, recruit volunteers, and share stories.

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About Jennifer Yamnitz

Jenn is an independent marketing consultant and owner of Adance Communications, LLC. She has more than 20 years of experience in marketing-related fields and has a unique, comprehensive perspective of marketing and branding having worked in PR, graphic design, and marketing over the course of her career.

In 2022 she earned a master’s degree in marketing from the University of Arizona Eller College of Management – one of the top ranking M.S.M. programs in the U.S.

Her mission is to help small businesses and nonprofits with limited budgets get the most out of their marketing investment.

Have a marketing challenge you want to discuss? Schedule a consultation to explore how we can work together to maximize your marketing efforts.