Client:Metropolitan Tucson Convention & Visitors Bureau
Date:January 19, 2010

Native Sonoran Desert Foods Article

Editorial Writing:

Tempting Visitors with a Taste of the Southwest

1st page of Tucson Native Foods ArticleAs editor of the Tucson Visitors Guide, I wrote features stories to entice visitors to experience the city’s arts and cultural offerings, local dining options, outdoor activities and more. Below is an excerpt from an article about native Sonoran Desert foods.

For centuries the native people of
the Sonoran Desert dined on the
surprising bounty of edible plants
in the region. Yet, with the advent
of drive-thrus and other modern conveniences,
the local culinary traditions were largely
forgotten until recently. Now, gourmets and
health experts alike are taking another look at
desert foods, and there are plenty of reasons
for you to join them.

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Photo of table-side guacamole loaned to MTCVB by Loews Ventana Canyon