Client:Spur Public Relations
Date:February 09, 2012

Spur Public Relations Logo

Logo Design:

Making “Western” Contemporary, Feminine & Fun

Spur Public Relations LogoSpur Public Relations is a new boutique public relations firm in Tucson, AZ, that specializes in communication-related services. The client enjoys Tucson’s Western heritage and suggested using an antique spur as a starting point for the design.

In brainstorming initial concepts, I looked for ways to incorporate the idea of disseminating information into the design. From the initial concepts, the client and I both agreed that this design (where the spur is made of fountain pen tips to show the connection to writing) was the strongest representation of the brand she is developing.

I customized the logo type, starting with a purchased font and editing it in Adobe Illustrator to give it more weight and elegance. The deep brown and turquoise colors feel modern while echoing the leather saddles and Native American turquoise conchos found in the Southwest.